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A Song for When Donald Trump Cheats Singing Children of Money

A Song For When Donald Trump Cheats Singing Children Out Of Money

The USA Freedom Kids created an unbelievably catchy tune for Donald Trump's campaign, but even though they fulfilled a performance agreement, they were stiffed by America's most questionable "billionaire."

At first, the kids's management asked for $2,500 for the performance, but Trump's campaign was able to talk the group into performing in exchange for a table to sell merchandise. Spoiler alert: There was no table provided. Now the manager of USA Freedom Kids is planning on suing the Trump campaign to get the kids what they deserved: respect. And maybe some money. 

Late Show host Stephen Colbert expressed his sympathy for the kids' plight and created a special song for them, performed by his own USA Freedom Grownups, calling out the "big orange coward." Watch below.

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