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Transgender Love in the U.K.


Actor and director Jake Graf and his wife, Hannah Winterbourne, use their visibility to further trans rights -- even at their wedding.

Jake Graf, a London-born director who became one of the first transgender actors to play a cisgender character (in last year's award-winning film Colette, about the famous bisexual writer), recently posted on Instagram about his 2018 wedding, family plans, and the importance of trans rights. Last March, Graf, then 40, married Captain Hannah Winterbourne, then 31, the highest-ranking transgender officer in the British army. Graf's award-winning short films include Brace and X-Why. Without a doubt, the two activists may be the most visible trans people in the U.K., where they plan to start a family.

"Despite the current U.K. media vilification of transgender people, Hannah and I know how lucky we are," Graf wrote on Instagram.

"We are able to be visible and vocal and to marry and even try for a family. Our nonbinary friends do not yet have that recognition or right in U.K. law, something which we hope will soon change. Across the world trans people are afraid, maligned, and attacked, an absolute travesty in 2019. Trans children and women need to feel safe, the divisions within our own LGBTQ community need to stop, and we now more than ever need to stand together and fight the rising bigotry on a global scale. As @EllenPage so eloquently and powerfully stated last week, 'This sh*t needs to STOP.'"

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