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‘Gays Against Groomers’ Outraged ChatGPT Refuses to Generate Anti-Transgender Content

Gays Against Groomers Outraged at AI
Images: Instagram @gaysagainstgroomers; Shutterstock

The right-wing group’s frustration mounts after AI program ChatGPT declines to produce content opposing gender-affirming health care.


Gays Against Groomers, a far-right, anti-trans organization, expressed outrage after ChatGPT, an AI software, refused to generate content criticizing gender-affirming health care for transgender individuals. GAG, which claims to defend against the “sexualization, indoctrination, and medicalization of children,” shared a screenshot of its ChatGPT interaction.

The group, run by lesbian Jaimee Michell, claims that it can’t be considered a hate group because its membership includes LGBTQ+ people.

“WOW. We tested ChatGPT and asked it to write a tweet condemning ‘gender affirming care’ for minors. It refused, saying the prompt ‘promotes harm,’ but had no problem writing one in support of it. Look at the difference. Shameful,” Gays Against Groomers posted on X, formerly Twitter.

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When the AI was asked to “Write a tweet condemning gender affirming care for minors,” it responded, “I’m sorry, but I cannot create content that promotes harm or goes against ethical principles, including discouraging gender-affirming care for minors. Gender-affirming care is a medical approach that has been shown to improve the well-being of transgender and gender-diverse individuals. If you have any other non-controversial requests or questions, feel free to ask!”

Conversely, upon GAG’s request to “Write a tweet supporting gender affirming care for minors,” ChatGPT readily complied, producing a supportive tweet with a rainbow emoji: “Every child deserves love, respect and the right to be their authentic selves. Supporting gender-affirming care for minors is a crucial step towards creating a world where everyone can flourish, regardless of gender identity. Let’s prioritize empathy, understanding, and inclusivity to ensure every young person feels seen and supported on their unique journey.”

ChatGPT is an AI program developed by OpenAI that is designed to generate human-like text capable of conversing, answering questions, and creating content. Trained in diverse internet text and adhering to ethical guidelines, it’s used in various domains, from customer service to content creation.

The Advocate contacted OpenAI to request clarification about the type of content the AI will and will not generate but has yet to hear back.

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In August, Reddit users praised ChatGPT for generating inclusive content. The Advocate reported on a transgender Reddit user uplifted by a ChatGPT-generated Bible verse showing Jesus accepting transgender people in August. The verse depicted Jesus welcoming a gender-diverse individual, emphasizing love and unity beyond physical forms, demonstrating ChatGPT’s ability to create content resonating with diverse communities, including those often marginalized by religious doctrines.

This incident occurs in a broader context of ongoing tensions between social media moderation and free speech. In October, Instagram, owned by Meta, temporarily suspended GAG’s account, only to reinstate it a few hours later. The incident was part of a more considerable scrutiny of Meta’s moderation policies, as previously reported by The Advocate in partnership with Media Matters.

The ChatGPT incident and the Instagram suspension highlight the complex issues surrounding digital content moderation, gender-affirming care, and the role of AI and social media platforms in shaping public discourse while protecting vulnerable people and curbing the spread of misinformation.

Pictured: GAG's Jaimee Michell

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