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The Advocate Picks Its Phobie of the Year: Pat McCrory

03 Ken Paxton Phobie Treatement

The fight in court over transgender rights is being led on the transphobic side by Texas and its attorney general, Ken Paxton. Texas and several other states sued the Obama administration over its guidance that transgender students ought to be respected — which means things like using their preferred name and pronouns, and allowing them to use the bathroom that matches their gender identity. A lack of respect would be grounds for a gender discrimination that is disallowed under Title IX as long as a school receives federal funding. 

Paxton has at other times proposed that school districts out their transgender students to family, and that doctors should be legally allowed to turn away transgender patients. 

Basically, if there’s a legal fight over transgender rights that touches the Texas border, Paxton is somewhere in the mix. The Human Rights Campaign called out Paxton by name after he led the lawsuit against the Obama administration over school guidance. “Ken Paxton’s use of taxpayer resources to dismantle such protections is a reckless and expensive abdication of his responsibilities, and he should be held accountable," said spokesman Jay Brown earlier this year. 


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