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These Are the LGBTQ Immigrants Trump Has Vilified


Donald Trump's cruel and inhumane immigration policies continue unabated — his latest change, which went into effect Friday, forces asylum seekers to wait in Mexico until their cases are heard by U.S. judges.

This is not a minor adjustment, especially for LGBTQ refugees fleeing discrimination and abuse. Many queer asylum-seekers face the same dangers in Mexico that they encountered in central American countries like Guatemala and El Salvador.

"The Trump-Pence administration has manufactured a crisis at the border by its own actions," Human Rights Campaign government affairs director David Stacy said in a statement. "But there is a real crisis — a humanitarian crisis — as those fleeing persecution and violence are turned away from safety. Congress must stand up to the Trump-Pence administration's reckless actions and ensure those who are fleeing violence and persecution have refuge in the United States." 

Watch this powerful video below from HRC that illustrates the human toll behind Trump's cruelty.

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