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WATCH: The Nightly Show Explores the Villains of Marriage Equality

WATCH: The Nightly Show Explores the Villains of Marriage Equality


The new spin-off of The Daily Show has a little fun at the expense of good ol' Southern boys.

Wednesday night's edition of The Nightly Show took a long look at the state of marriage equality, with host Larry Wilmore marveling at the speed of progress.

"I am really happy for you gay people, but I gotta say that's a little fast," Wilmore said. "I'm not hating, I'm not hating. Maybe I'm just a little jealous. Because black people spent hundreds of years fighting for every single right. For example we've only just gotten to the 'please don't shoot us' thing."

Gay people can strike marriage equality from their to-do list, Wilmore said before realizing there are numerous efforts in conservative states to subvert pro-marriage equality rulings.

"I guess we're not done with gay stuff," Wilmore said before a news report aired on the efforts of Texas state Rep. Cecil Bell; the politician wants to fire county clerks who provide same-sex couples with marriage licenses. "You want something illegal to be the law to prevent something legal because you don't like that it's the law," Wilmore said. "Man, that's some typical Texas diabolical hickory-smoked brain barbecue." Watch below:

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