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Scott Eastwood: 'I Support Gay Marriage'

Scott Eastwood: 'I Support Gay Marriage'

In an interview with Dallas Voice writer Chris Azzopardi, Scott Eastwood says that he loves having a big gay fan base, and that he's a huge supporter of LGBT rights—especially marriage.

"I support gay marriage and the whole bit," Eastwood tells Azzopardi. "I think everybody should be able to be with who they want to be with."

Eastwood says he inherited his attitude of tolerance from both his mother, who he says has been a longtime supporter of LGBT equality, and his father, who, though Republican, has a live-and-let-live outlook on life.

"My dad is the same way. He’s a total Libertarian—everyone leave everyone alone. Everyone live their own private life. And why does everyone gotta be all up in arms about it?" says the star of the new film The Longest Ride.

Co-starring Britt Robertson, The Longest Ride is an adaption of a story by Nicholas Sparks, about how a bull-riding champion falls in love with an artist on a separate path in life. She's heading to her dream job in New York, while he's trying to prove his mettle on the rodeo circuit.

Asked by the Dallas Voice if he'd play a gay character or act in a remake of Brokeback Mountain, Eastwood replied, "Oh my gosh, that’s funny! To me, it’s all about the script and the director. I’m very director-driven and material-oriented, so if it’s a great script and a great director, then yeah."

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