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Donald Trump Has the Gall to Sell LGBTQ Pride-Themed Shirts

Donald Trump Has the Gall to Sell LGBTQ Pride-Themed Shirts

While Donald Trump has declined to officially declare June Pride Month since taking office, he’s still totally fine with profiting off of LGBTQ people.

According to new reporting from NewNowNext, the Trump-Pence White House is now selling Pride-themed tees on the same page as the MAGA hats, which have become synonymous with intolerance. 

The tees read “LGBTQ for Trump” and have been marked down from $30 to $24.

“As LGBTQ Americans are preparing to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Pride Month and the historic Stonewall riots, President Trump and his 2020 presidential campaign started selling an 'LGBTQ for Trump' t-shirt on their website,” GLAAD wrote in a release attacking the merchandise. 

“The problem — the Trump Administration is the most anti-LGBTQ in recent memory, issuing more than 108 attacks on LGBTQ Americans, in policy and rhetoric, since taking office — with one attack coming just yesterday. In fact, Trump has yet to issue a statement honoring June as National Pride Month since the start of his administration.”

Although Trump promised to be better for LGBTQ people than Hillary Clinton during the lead-up to the campaign, he chose noted homophobe Mike Pence to be his vice president.  Since taking office, the White House has consistently denigrated and endangered the lives of LGBTQ people. 

“Trump should hold the sales pitch and try issuing a statement honoring June as National Pride Month and the countless of LGBTQ Americans who fought tooth and nail for the level of acceptance our nation sees today,” said GLAAD’s Chief Programs Officer Zeke Stokes.

Within days of his inauguration, the White House scrubbed its website of all references to LGBTQ people. Shortly after that, the White House rescinded protections for trans students. Trump then implemented a ban on trans people in the military, appointed anti-LGBTQ judges to the Supreme Court, and has said that he’s OK with businesses discriminating against LGBTQ people on the basis of religion. Trump has also said he opposes the Equality Act, pending federal legislation to ban anti-LGBTQ discrimination nationwide.

And just this week Trump’s Department of Housing and Urban Development, headed by Ben Carson, announced that it is seeking to allow homeless shelters to discriminate against transgender people.

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