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Annie Murphy Is a Little Bit Alexis, Kelly Clarkson Is a Lot of Texas

Annie Murphy and Kelly Clarkson

Schitt's Creek 's Annie Murphy reprised the show's viral moment "A Little Bit Alexis" with even more hilarious additions from Clarkson.

When Schitt's Creek 's Alexis Rose auditioned for the local production of Cabaret with a snippet of the theme song from what she said was "the title track off of my critically reviewed limited reality series A Little Bit Alexi s , " it went viral.

This week, Annie Murphy, who plays the beloved socialite on the hit series, performed a remix of the song "A Little Bit Alexis" on The Kelly Clarkson Show, and host Clarkson got in on the act, adding a little of her song "Whole Lotta Woman" off of her Meaning of Life album to the mix.

"Im a Lamborghini. I'm a Hollywood star. I'm a little bit tipsy when I drive my car," Murphy sings, channeling her Schitt's Creek character.

"I'm a classic bronco. I'm on Texas time. I'm a whole lot of tipsy when I drink my wine," Clarkson sings.

Soon enough the two of them are a whole lot of hilarious and clearly appear to be enjoying one another.

Watch the clip below.

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