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Sparks Fly for Umbrella Academy's Ellen Page & Marin Ireland in Clip 

Sparks Fly for Umbrella Academy's Ellen Page & Marin Ireland in Clip 

Umbrella Academy

Page's Vanya has lost her memory but found a possible love interest in an exclusive clip from the hit Netflix series. 

The Hargreeve siblings may have escaped the apocalypse of 2019 in Netflix's smash superhero series The Umbrella Academy, but at what cost? In season 2 (streaming on Netflix now) the siblings have time-traveled to Dallas and landed on various dates in the early '60s with Five (Aiden Gallagher), the last to arrive in the turbulent decade, landing just 10 days before another apocalypse. While a few of the siblings are involved in the social unrest of the era, Ellen Page's Vanya, who's lost her memory, is taken in by Sissy (Marin Ireland), an unhappily married woman with a sensitive young son.

The series's first season followed the Hargreeves, seven of 43 children born simultaneously in 1989 who were adopted by the eccentric billionaire Sir Reginald Hargreeves. As the series progresses, the siblings's superpowers emerge and six of the seven are sent out to fight crime while Vanya is kept apart to hone her art as a violinist. But it is revealed that she possesses an important power from which Reginald has tried to protect her.

At the close of the first season, the siblings escape the end of days via Five's powers but land ahead of another doomsday (this time in 1963) that is a result of the disruption of the timeline.

In the second season, Sissy attempts to help Vanya remember who she is and where she came from. But she also reveals that she's got an escape plan of her own from her unfulfilling marriage, which catches Vanya's attention, and the women begin to develop an abiding attraction.

In the scene below, Sissy attempts to discern something about Vanya's past as she examines and caresses the hands of the violinist who can't recall why she has calluses on her fingers.

Watch as sparks fly between Vanya and Sissy below.

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