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First Same-Sex Competitor on Dancing With the Stars Named


Dancing With the Stars, the longtime guilty pleasure reality competition, will feature pansexual superstar JoJo Siwa as its first competitor to be paired with a same-sex partner.

"We're making history," the 18-year-old internet phenom told USA Today. Siwa is currently in a relationship with a woman named Kylie Prew. LGBTQ+ celebrities, like Lance Bass, have previously appeared on DWTS but were always dancing with an opposite-sex partner.

Siwa will dance with as yet unnamed professional female dancer. When approached to do the show, Siwa pitched the idea of her dancing with a woman, and producers of the ABC juggernaut were supportive.

"I said I actually would love and prefer to dance with a girl," Siwa told the newspaper. "Why not show the message even stronger that you can love whomever you want to love."

Siwa says she imagines she and her partner will trade off on who leads the dances. She's also contemplating wardrobe choices and how she'll present herself physically on the show. Mostly, Siwa seems thrilled to be making history: "It's going to be so fun."

DWTS season 30 premieres September 20 on ABC.

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