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Have Hipsters Broken Your Lesbian Gaydar?

Have Hipsters Broken Your Lesbian Gaydar?


Women looking for other women have a new challenge these days, says one writer for The New York Times.

Writing for The New York Times, Krista Burton contends that lesbian gaydar has been broken by hipsters.

"Mainstream style is now hipster style," she observed. "But here's the thing: Hipster style is just queer style, particularly queer women's style. Put another way: Lesbians invented hipsters."

Whether you're bisexual or a lesbian, spotting another woman who might be into you was once an easier challenge. Now, with the spread of hipster culture, straight women are acting and looking a lot like they ought to set off a gaydar that was formed a decade ago.

"It's harder to tell who's queer now," wrote Burton. "That means I'm going to have to just ask you at the farmers' market, and that is going to be uncomfortable for everyone."

The article -- "Hipsters Broke My Gaydar" -- isn't entirely serious, but it's what you call a talker. Everyone has an opinion. Read the whole story, and then let us know what you think: Did lesbians invent hipsters? Is gaydar damaged forever?

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