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Argentina Officially Recognizes Nonbinary People 

Alberto Fernandez

Argentina now officially recognizes nonbinary people. The country became the first in Latin America to allow citizens to mark their gender as X on their national identity documents.

President Alberto Fernández made the change by decree, reported The New York Times. It follows a recent law that he signed that allows one percent of Argentina’s public sector jobs to be reserved for trans people. The country’s congress approved the law in June.

“We have the need to expand our minds and realize that there are other ways to love and be loved and there are other identities besides the identity of man and the identity of woman,” Fernández said in a ceremony last Wednesday, according to the paper. He gave out the first three IDs with the nonbinary markers at the event. “And they must be respected.”

Several U.S. states allow for the marker. Other countries that have the marker include New Zealand, Canada, Malta, Nepal, Australia, and Pakistan.

The U.S. State Department announced last month that it was in the process of making a marker for passports.

One of the people who received the passport on Wednesday included Gerónimo Carolina González Devesa, a 35-year-old doctor.

“For the first time I can say my full name and feel like it’s legal,” they told the Times. “It’s the end of a long battle.”

González made history in 2018 after winning a court case to become the first person to leave their gender blank on their birth certificate. However, they couldn’t receive a similar national ID.

Fernández said the marker was not the ideal solution, reported The Washington Post.

“I hope one day we get to the point where IDs don’t say if someone is a man, woman, or anything else,” he explained.

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