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I'll Take 'Marriage Equality' for $800, Alex

I'll Take 'Marriage Equality' for $800, Alex


A clue about civil unions versus marriage on a Jeopardy! episode this week appears to indicate support for the latter.

Jeopardy!, often called the thinking person's game show, might now be dubbed the pro-marriage equality game show as well.

On Wednesday's episode, under the category "Civil," the answer-and-question show unveiled the answer "Some opponents of same-sex marriage say, 'hey gay folks, how about these? Wouldn't these be good enough?'" The correct question was "What are civil unions?"

The clue won praise from Slate associate editor J. Bryan Lowder, who works on the online magazine's LGBT section. "The clue writers' flippant tone in the rhetoric attributed to gay marriage opponents is clear evidence of how they -- like most gay people -- feel about civil unions as an alternative to full marriage equality: They are a weak attempt at placation that suggests second-class citizenship, if not a kind of segregation."

While the show is not known for taking political stands, Lowder predicted there will be no uproar over the clue. "With marriage equality poised to become the law of the land this year," he concluded, "Jeopardy! is wagering on the right side of history."

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