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WATCH: SNL Has a 'Fair Point' on Equality for HRC

Hillary Clinton on Saturday Night Live

When Hillary Rodham Clinton made a guest appearance on Saturday Night Live alongside the show's only out cast member, the writers had a "fair point" to make.

Clinton poked fun at her own slow decision making on the Keystone Pipeline proposal, which she opposes, and also mocked her slowness in backing marriage equality. Both Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders supported marriage before Clinton.

In the sketch, "Hillary Clinton," played by Kate McKinnon, is drowning her political sorrows with some vodka at a New York bar when "Val," played by the real Clinton, shows up to provide some bar tending and consolation. 

The two fast friends get interrupted by a bar hand, who is a big Clinton fan, and they talk about same-sex marriage.

Bar hand to HRC: "My sister's gay. Thank you for all you've done for gay marriage."

HRC: "Well, you're welcome."

They shake hands, and Val offers some support.

Val to HRC: "It really is great how long you've supported gay marriage."

HRC: "I could have supported it sooner."

Val: "Well," then some more consoling, "You did it pretty soon."

HRC: "Yeah. Could have been sooner."

Val: "Fair point."

Clinton had earlier in the day been at the Human Rights Campaign to deliver a speech to volunteers ahead of its big annual gala. In the speech, she thanks activists for bringing her around on marriage equality while pledging to keep fighting to finish the entire job for full equality.

Watch the entire sketch below:

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