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QAnon Believer Threatens to Kill U.S. Congresswoman He Thought Was Transgender

QAnon Believer Threatens to Kill U.S. Congresswoman He Thought Was Transgender

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Michael David Fox pled guilty in the case.


A man in New Mexico has admitted to threatening a U.S. member of Congress because he thought she was transgender.

According to court documents, Las Cruces resident Michael David Fox has entered a guilty plea to a federal charge concerning threats made across state lines. This plea was presented in front of U.S. Magistrate Judge Damian L. Martinez at the U.S. District Court in New Mexico last Thursday, relating to a phone call Fox made last May to a congressperson’s Houston office.

He threatened to “put a bullet” in the unidentified congressperson’s face during the call.

“You’re a man. It’s official. You’re literally a tr*nny and a pedophile, and I’m going to put a bullet in your f***ing face. You mother f***ing satanic cock sucking son of a whore. You understand me, you f***er?” Fox said in the call, according to the criminal complaint.

Following a trace conducted by law enforcement, the call from May 18 was linked to a cellphone in Las Cruces. Upon being confronted by FBI agents on May 26, Fox confirmed making the call, although he didn’t recall all the details initially. However, Fox admitted his actions after hearing the recorded call, per court records.

Fox told authorities about his affiliation with the QAnon movement but clarified he did not possess any firearms to act on his threats, court documents elucidated. He expressed his and others’ intentions to save the world from transgender people. Fox believes that trans people are secretly leading governments and corporations.

The QAnon movement, as defined by the Anti-Defamation League, comprises individuals who believe in a conspiracy theory where a ‘Deep State’ cabal of Satan-worshipping pedophiles comprising high-powered Democrats and Hollywood elites control the world, with former President Donald Trump being portrayed as the sole savior against them.

The targeted congressperson was not named in the court documents, only referred to as V1; however, three female Democrats, U.S. Reps. Sheila Jackson Lee, Lizzie Fletcher, and Sylvia Garcia have offices in Houston.

“Fox explained that he had run V1’s skull features through forensic analysis and determined that [she] was born male and is now transgender,” the complaint states.

He discussed various conspiracy theories with the agents and eventually retracted his threat against the congresswoman, extending an apology and admitting that he wasn’t under the influence of alcohol or drugs when he made the calls.

Fox faces a maximum sentence of five years in prison.

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