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The 'Deplorables' Who Will Continue to Harass Us in a Trump Presidency


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Alex Jones

Alex Jones, who runs a website called Infowars and has a radio program, is a leading conspiracy theorist of the right. “That is the pilot, the captain of American conspiracy theory mothership, Alex Jones,” Rachel Maddow said on a September episode of her MSNBC show. “And Alex Jones has been around forever — I assume he is going to be around forever. He says Hillary Clinton is going to kill him. He has publicly asked Hillary Clinton not to kill him — so who knows.” Well, Clinton must not have that inclination or power, because she didn’t have him killed before the election. On his radio show in October, as Right Wing Watch noted, Jones predicted that Hillary Clinton would start World War III if she became president and that a third of the world’s population would be killed. He also predicted there would be a global financial meltdown (now he says such a meltdown will be engineered by “globalists” to undermine Trump). On that same episode, Jones spoke with Curves founder and fellow conspiracy theorist Gary Heavin (by the way, don’t work out at Curves), and they predicted we will soon have a cashless society where you will have to have the Mark of the Beast (biblical reference to the Antichrist and the end of the world as we know it) in order to buy or sell anything. Oh, and they think that mark may be the Apple logo. (The company’s run by a gay man, you know.)  Does Jones actually believe all this, or is he just trying to increase his audience? Could be the latter. He and Trump have long been public admirers of each other, but maybe he’ll turn on Trump now that the business mogul is in power. Or maybe he’ll just stick to excoriating Trump’s opponents. 


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