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Watch Florida Moms for Liberty Members Try to Report Librarians to the Police Over a YA Novel

Moms of Liberty Storm and Fury Call Cops Librarians
Images: HarperCollins; YouTube @Popular.Information

Moms for Liberty members report school librarians to police, alleging distribution of “pornography” to minors amidst contentious debate over educational materials. In reality, it's the young adult novel Storm and Fury.


Members of the "parental rights" activist organization Moms for Liberty reported Florida school librarians to law enforcement for allegedly distributing “pornography” to minors. The librarians were not. The "pornography" the Moms for Liberty activists were referring to was a young adult novel.

Moms for Liberty is described by the Southern Poverty Law Center as an anti-government extremist group because of its anti-LGBTQ+ positions and calls for book bans and topic restrictions in schools.

A Popular Information video taken from a police officer's body cam shows what went down, highlighting the group’s aggressive stance against any educational materials they find objectionable.

Jennifer Tapley, a member of the Santa Rosa County chapter of Moms for Liberty, called the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office, saying a crime was being done at a local school.

“I’ve got some evidence a crime was committed,” she told authorities in the video when they arrive.

“I would like, for now, I would like to do this anonymously. I’ll give you my ID, but I don’t want it to be searchable if somebody at the school were to try to figure out who came here. Does that make sense?” Tapley expressed to the officer, emphasizing her concern over potential repercussions.

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“The only reason we are here: A crime is being committed. It’s a third-degree felony. And we’ve got the evidence.” Tom Gurski, another Moms for Liberty member, said. He added that Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis “says this is child pornography. It’s a serious crime.”

The book that ignited this controversy, Storm and Fury by Jennifer L. Armentrout, is a young adult novel that contains some make-out scenes and some sexually-themed content within a fantastical context, according to Popular Information. Despite the objections raised by Moms for Liberty, the book has been endorsed by educational bodies and the author.

“It’s just as serious as if I handed a Playboy to [my child] right now,” Tapley told police.

Tapley attempted to report a member of the school system for being “very liberal” and for participating in the group “Stop Moms for Liberty.” This group, according to Tapley, is actively opposing the mission of Moms for Liberty, which she portrays as a “parents’ rights” organization aimed at removing particular books from school libraries that they believe are not suitable for children.

The author told Popular Information that she was "stunned" by what happened. She said that we were "living in an era where, apparently, some adults find it appropriate to contact the police over a fictional book involving gargoyles.”

Tapley told the outlet that the book was inappropriate for children.

This accusation and attempt to involve law enforcement in educational material disputes underscore the heightened tensions between Moms for Liberty’s advocacy for their version of “parents’ rights” and the opposing views of those against book bans and the restriction of such educational content.

This incident occurred against a significant appointment in September. Tina Descovich, a cofounder of Moms for Liberty, was named to the Florida Ethics Commission by Republican governor and presidential candidate Ron DeSantis.

Descovich’s new role as part of a committee overseeing ethical conduct aligns with the group’s influence in political circles, particularly their efforts to impose conservative values on school curricula and library resources.

Moms for Liberty’s actions, including attempts to report school employees for their political affiliations or for opposing the organization’s agenda, have raised concerns about the potential overreach into personal freedoms and educational content.

Watch the video of what happened below.

Members of Moms for Liberty in Florida report Librarians to Police

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