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Moms for Liberty-Supporting Superintendent Quits and Gets $700K Severance

Abram Lucabaugh Central Bucks School District

The Central Bucks School District in Pennsylvania faces scrutiny over its decision to grant outgoing superintendent Abram Lucabaugh a severance package exceeding $700,000 following his endorsement of far-right educational policies.


Pennsylvania’s Central Bucks School District is embroiled in controversy following its decision to approve a six-figure severance package for outgoing superintendent Abram Lucabaugh who recently resigned. The contentious move comes after a considerable political shift in the district, highlighted by the Democratic Party’s recent takeover of the school board.

According to Philadelphia ABC affiliate WPVI, the Republican-dominated board voted 6-3 in favor of a severance package for Lucabaugh, amounting to over $700,000. This decision includes a year’s salary and over $200,000 in unused sick time. The move has sparked widespread community backlash, with many residents expressing frustration and disbelief at a recent board meeting.

"They were not doing the right thing for kids. They wasted thousands and thousands and thousands of our dollars," said Laurie Ann Moore, a resident, according to the outlet.

Another who spoke at the meeting said, "If you really care about the kids you will rethink depriving the students of that huge amount of money."

"What's driving this resignation and this deal? Are you so scared of the incoming board majority? Are you afraid of what they will find? Is this a bid to buy your silence?" a woman asked.

Lucabaugh’s tenure and subsequent severance have been particularly scrutinized due to his endorsement of policies put forth by the far-right extremist group Moms for Liberty. Known for its anti-LGBTQ+ educational stance, Moms for Liberty faced significant defeats in recent school board elections across the country, including in Pennsylvania. The Central Bucks School District’s election results, where Democrats secured all available board seats, are seen as a direct rebuke of the conservative, anti-LGBTQ+ agenda that Lucabaugh and Moms for Liberty supported.

Board president Dana Hunter, who supported the severance package and is set to leave the board next month, justified the decision by saying, “This is the best thing – not only for our district financially, but it’s the best thing we can do for him, and he has done right by us.”

At a board meeting on June 13, Lucabaugh responded to community criticisms regarding his perceived lack of support for LGBTQ+ students. According to NBC News, Lucabaugh denied the claim, adding, “But make no mistake about this, I will defend students and will defend against anything contributing to the sexualization of students.

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The situation in Central Bucks School District and other formerly Moms for Liberty-friendly school districts shows a broader national shift, where voters increasingly favor candidates and policies promoting inclusivity and LGBTQ+ rights. As The Advocate reported, a trend of defeats for groups like Moms for Liberty in multiple states during recent elections signals a growing public demand for more progressive educational policies.

As the new Democratic-majority board prepares to assume control in December, many in the community are hopeful for a change in direction, advocating for policies that better reflect values of diversity and inclusivity and moving away from the controversial positions that have recently dominated the district’s landscape.

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