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Lauren Boebert Responded to Roe v. Wade Leak by Tweeting Anti-Trans ‘Jokes’ 

laren boebert

While many were expressing outrage over the leaked draft of a U.S. Supreme Court ruling overturning Roe v. Wade and thus rolling back abortion rights — while seemingly targeting marriage equality at the same time — right-wing Republican U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert from Colorado was taking to Twitter to celebrate. And by celebrate, we mean making “jokes” about trans people.

Trans people are a frequent target of Boebert’s mockery and derision. In the past, she has introduced legislation to block research into gender-affirming care for trans youth. She has also claimed that the true purpose of the Equality Act is about the “supremacy — of gays, lesbians, and transvestites.” And just last month, she introduced legislation to stop upgrades to security scanners used in airports by the Transportation Security Administration because they would be more trans-friendly.  

In a series of tweets, Boebert wrote, “Seems the left can define ‘woman’ again,” she tweeted.“Where’s the outrage from the pregnant men?” she continued.

She also claimed that it’s the left who’s failing women. “The Left doesn’t care about the opinion of women. They don’t care about the opinion of anyone, frankly. Death and destruction is their mission,” she wrote.

“The Left has gone beyond questioning man and are now questioning the will of God. Dangerous and demonic territory,” she concluded.

Twitter had something to say about Boebert’s missives. 

Earlier this week, the lawmaker even went after the new show Generation Drag on Discovery+, executive-produced by Tyra Banks. She compared the show about young people performing drag to "grooming," which is a predatory process of gaining the trust of a potential victim, usually a child, before sexually abusing them.

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