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Marjorie Taylor Greene Tweets More Anti-LGBTQ+, Pro-Gun Propaganda

Georgia Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene yelling during an appearance and on the phone

The Republican Georgia congresswoman claims, among other things, that gun control laws are a way to keep conservatives from fighting "the trans agenda."

U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, the far-right Republican firebrand from Georgia who has made no secret of her anti-LGBTQ+ worldviews, is continuing to tweet baseless attacks on the community and making preposterous arguments against gun regulations.

As she did in June, she started the month of July with a wild assertion. This time it was a claim that mental health medications were behind Monday's mass shooting in Highland Park, Ill.

In relation to the shooting that left seven people dead and more than three dozen injured, she tweeted the image of a 21-year-old man who was arrested and charged with the crime. While the photo was clearly manipulated, Greene asserted it was proof of mental illness in the shooter.

"The public should not allow this to continue," she tweeted. "People are not stupid. Is he in jail or rehab or a psychiatric center in this photo? That's not his bedroom. 22 yrs old and 5'11 and 120 lbs is not normal or healthy. What drugs or psychiatric drugs or both does he use?"

She also tweeted, "The guy made rap videos about school shootings or being killed in a hail of bullets by police and was 'known to the police.' The public deserves to know why! Release his records, school record, arrest, drugs and prescription drugs, hospitalizations, psychiatric."

Using mental health as an excuse for horrible behavior has become a popular right-wing tactic with some success, as evidenced by the passage of the most extensive gun reform bill in years after the Uvalde, Texas, mass shooting. The bill, which President Biden signed into law last month, focused largely on mental health issues.

While pushing the mental health bogeyman, on June 25 Greene warned gun owners about red flag laws that prevent them from stopping what she called "the trans agenda on kids." Red flag laws can be used to take access to guns away from people who pose a danger to themselves or others.

"Passing red flag laws was not a solution by Democrats to stop mass shootings," she tweeted. "It will be a tool to disarm any gun owner that wants to stop abortion, the trans agenda on kids, mass illegal migration, & big government oppression suffocating our families, faith, & freedoms."

Another tweet by Greene claims that liberals are persecuting conservatives and trying to take their guns away to force a liberal agenda on them.

"Accept the trans strippers dressed in drag grooming your kids, baby murder as birth control, and all of the assaults on your freedoms and way of life," she wrote.

Greene had complained a few days earlier that Democrats would use the Department of Justice for political purposes.

"Soon Biden's DOJ will prosecute people for hate crimes if they dare try to stop trans strippers dressed in drag from grooming children at schools & in public," she tweeted.

In early June, Greene expressed displeasure that LGBTQ+ Pride was a month-long event.

"Only one day each year, we honor military members who died serving our country for ALL of us to be free," she tweeted. "An entire #PrideMonth and millions in spending through corporations & our government on LGBTQ sexual identity needs to end. The movement's goals were achieved, were they not?"

Before June began, the Georgia Republican falsely accused a transgender person of being the gunman in Uvalde, Texas. As part of her month of mockery, Greene hired Milo Yiannopoulos, a gay internet troll turned "not gay" right-wing commentator, to work in her congressional office as an intern. Throughout the month, she targeted drag queens and transgender Americans almost nonstop.

Among her assertions was the claim that straight people are being replaced by LGBTQ+ people. She leveled baseless attacks and called the LGBTQ+ community "groomers" who sexualize children. It is well known that the concept of one group replacing another is rooted in white supremacist ideology.

She also targeted the transgender community, one of her favorites to denigrate. She claimed Democrats are spending taxpayer money on a radical transgender agenda.

"Fund woke ideology that promotes gender lies & racism inequality in all government-funded programs, departments, education, and grants while DESTROYING biological girls/women's rights & sports, forcing our daughters into the draft, & funding transgender surgeries in the military," Greene wrote.

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