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Neo-Nazi Arrested for Firebombing LGBTQ-Friendly Donut Shop

Neo-Nazi Arrested for Firebombing LGBTQ-Friendly Donut Shop

Coby Dale Green

He called the LGBTQ+ community a “virus” that required “shin[ing] our boots and putting on our armbands,” according to court documents.

An Oklahoma man who used neo-Nazi and white supremacist propaganda language was arrested on federal charges for his role in a violent attack against a Tulsa doughnut shop because it supports the LGBTQ+ community.

After someone used a Molotov cocktail last year to attack The Donut Hole in Tulsa, agents with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms identified a suspect last week.

Coby Dale Green was arrested on June 15 and charged in court with malicious use of explosives for the October 31, 2022, incident.

Authorities alleged that Green threw a Molotov cocktail inside The Donut Hole after breaking its window with a baseball bat. When firefighters responded early in the morning, they found that the bottle had not broken but had left scorch marks on the floor.

The suspect was known to investigators from another arson case involving Green, court documents reflect. Due to the absence of a witness, that case was dismissed.

Upon arriving on the scene, a co-owner's mother shared several Facebook posts with investigators from Green regarding the business’s relationship with drag queens, according to the court documents.

Authorities said Green made a post that seems to be a call to action for neo-Nazis and white supremacists to gather.

“OK, it’s officially time to shine our boots and put on our armbands boys, this filth has got to go,” he wrote.

In a comment to another post about another vandalism incident, Green wrote, “I’m just [sad] they didn’t molotov it.”

Investigators also discovered a note and two fliers posted on the door of a business near The Donut Hole.

The message said “Ecclesiastes 3 1-8 KJV,” while another flyer said, “The only virus is LGBT,” and showed a man holding another by the throat. A third declared “fight against LGBT groomers” featuring an illustration of a person being choked by a Pride flag-emblazoned bandana.

Days after the attack, Meta, the company that owns Facebook, contacted investigators about suspicious activity on Green’s account. Meta verified the account during the investigation and preserved it. In addition, investigators used Green’s cell phone data to pinpoint his location during the attack.

Following a search warrant, investigators found clothes and items they believe Green used during the attack and several newspapers covering the attack, which they believed were kept as souvenirs by the perpetrator. In addition to finding a flier similar to the one found at the business, investigators found clothes, shoes, and other items, including face masks and lighters that matched surveillance video of the attack.

When Green protested outside Elote Café during a Drag Show Brunch in May, he was arrested for traffic warrants, documents show.

One of the signs protesting that event read, “Kink for kids at Elote Cafe,” adding, “Is this appropriate?”

According to federal agents, more charges are likely.

In an Instagram post, the Donut Hole welcomed the news of the arrest.

"Finally, the person who tried to burn us down on Halloween was arrested this morning! Thanks to all the ATF officers who handled our case," the business wrote. "And right in the middle of pride month! Such a win!"

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